trekking in nepal
Trekking in Nepal

Why is Trekking in Nepal an Amazing Experience?


Do you recommend trekking in Nepal? Well, the answer is “you definitely should”.

Nepal is famous as a “trekker’s home” among all the enthusiastic travelers all around the world.  The country welcomes thousands of trekkers and adventurers lovers every year. Adventure freaks lose themselves to nature’s enchantments and enjoy the beauty of this Himalayan nation. Certainly, it is merely impossible to sum-up the profound beauty of Nepal in a few statements. However, here are a few among several reasons that make trekking in Nepal an amazing experience.

World’s Highest Snow-Capped Peaks

How well do you know Nepal? Well, did you know that 8 among the world’s ten highest peaks are located in Nepal? The highest peak i.e. Mt. Everest is the tallest one of them!

trekking in nepal with horses

The journey to the base camp of one of these snowy peaks is a beautiful life event. Each of them has its beauty that is strong enough to captivate you with a spellbound. Passing through glacier cliffs, frozen rivers, and high passes while you encounter some unusual wildlife inhabitant will be a prodigious moment.

Unique Diverse Topographic

Nepal’s topography varies from the snowy Himalayas along the entire region to grassy plain lands covering the entire south. This diverse and unique topographical structure serves the interest of different peoples. Disregard the level of difficulty you choose, the experience and memories will be as thrilling as it can get.

The altitude difference in Nepal is high within the small range of vertical distance. If you wish to challenge the altitude range, Nepal is the ideal destination for you.

Preserved Biodiversity

tourist trekking in nepal

Most of Nepal still remains unspoiled by modernization. The major part of this Himalayan land comprises of the forest. The trails offer you to experience the beauty of nature in its purest form.

The scantly rural settlements which seem like a piece of an untouched fragment from earlier generations are distributed along the trail. Everything in the region is absolutely natural and well preserved.

Most of the trekking trails have Rhododendron forests, Pine forest and Alpine forests along the way top. Also, there are fast-flowing rivers, a beautiful combination of flora and fauna and a splendid waterfall.

Basically, Nepal is a boon for nature lovers.

Rich in Cultural Heritage

paddy plantation in Nepal
Paddy/Rice Plantation in Nepal

Over the generations, the culture and tradition of Nepal have been well preserved and passed along. Besides some cites like Kathmandu and Pokhara, not much of the culture has been subjected to modernization. You can explore some of the interesting and unique cultures and lifestyles as you trek in Nepal.

People living in the villages of Nepal are very simple. Many of them are farmers by occupation while some of them own a tea house which is more of a homestay for the tourist. The people in villages are extremely hospitable and kind.

Food and Accommodation

During the trekking in Nepal, you will spend your nights in tea houses located in areas of rural settlements. These tea houses are built traditionally. They may not be as luxurious as the hotels but are cozy and home-like. Plus, the welcoming nature of the host makes everything easier.

traditional Nepalese food

Plus, in a teahouse, you get a chance to enjoy Nepalese food which is an entirely different cuisine. Nepalese consume Dal-Bhat, traditional Nepali food almost every day. It is served with rice, lentils, vegetables, and meat cooked in a local way along with tomato chutney. Also do try some local alcohol while in cities (PS: drinking during the trek is highly unadvisable).


These are a few among many other reasons for trekking in Nepal. If we were to unfold you all the other mysteries Nepal beholds, that there will be nothing for you to explore for yourself.

Do you have any queries about the trip to Nepal? Contact us to book your trek and let us make the Nepal tour an amazing experience for you.

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