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Details of Climbing Mount Everest: How Long Does It Take?


Mt. Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, is the biggest dream of adventure freaks around the globe. Thousands of trekkers make their way to the Everest base camp and back. Only a few attempts to go further to fulfill their dream of climbing Mount Everest. Among those few, just a handful of them gets to kiss the summit. Waving “HELLO” from the highest point on the earth is definitely magical, but it’s not an easy game to play. But trust me; the pain is worth the high. 

Mt. Everest is a border between Tibet and Nepal in the Mahalangur Himal. In spite of hundreds of risks involved while trying to climb the Everest, adventure freaks like throwing themselves at the face of death. Among so many other challenges, the biggest challenge is time management. 

In fact, no one can tell you exactly how long it takes to climb Mount Everest. But the average time is 7 to 9 weeks. If everything goes as plan, you can get there to the top and back in two months. So, before you decide anything else about climbing Mount Everest, make sure you have a long vacation of 3 to 4 months. 

Also, the time depends on your mode of transportation. If you fly to and back to the base camp in a helicopter, you will save about a week. But it is not a good idea as the risk of altitude sickness increases. 

Time to Climb Mount Everest

It will be at least 40 days of walk before you reach the summit. And then it’s about a week back before you land to Kathamandu.

But there are so many things that determine the time you need to climb Everest- the most important one being the weather.

 It will take you at least 40 days to reach the summit. You will need a couple of days more to push the summit and about a week to reach home/Kathmandu.

Time to climb Mt Everest depends upon external factors i.e weather conditions. You may have to halt for extra days because of unfavorable weather conditions. Also, sometimes your body does not respond well to the increasing altitude and thus cannot move further and thus you might have to spend additional days resting.

Everest climbing time as per the route

There are two different routes to the submit- The north ridge and the south ridge.

The north ridge on the Tibet side is technically more difficult as there are challenging rocks which need to be climbed. 

On the other hand, the south ridge which is located in Nepal is the easier option. But this doesn’t mean climbing Mount Everest through south is easy, it’s just less difficult than the northern belt.  

Here is the detail of time you will spend on climbing Mt Everest:

Base Camp (5,380 m)

The trek to base camp begins with the flight to Lukla which is a week-long trek. You will spend 7 to 10 days before you crash on the Base Camp of Everest. 

Camp 1 (6065m)

After the tough climb of Khumbu icefall, you will crash at Camp 1. The place is rather daunting and plain and a good place for resting.

Camp 2 (6750m)

Camp 2 at the foot of the mountain Lhotse is a safe and sheltered location. It’s the place used by companies to set their main climbing camp and also the main acclimatization camp.

Camp 3 (7100m)

Camp 3 on a small ledge of the Lhotse wall is the “calm before storm” point. The Lhotse wall needs to be climbed with ropes after acclimatization. 

Camp 4 (7920)

This is the last camp at 7920m above sea level. If you have sound health, you can access camp 4 without supplementary oxygen. 


This is your full and final mission of the climb. The summit in the southwest ridge is steep and snowy. To ensure climbers’ safety, the entire route is marked with fixed ropes.

To Sum Up

In spite of hundreds of risks involved, the pleasure to climb Everest is worth it. The 2 months of climb ( it may extend to 3 months) is definitely going to be the best memory of your life. But it is important that you return back safe and sound, otherwise, it is gonna be the worst nightmare. 

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