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Bardia National Park tour: Itinerary, Highlights, things to do

A box of chocolate full of surprises. – that’s Bardia National Park for you. The unspoiled nature, rare wild flora and fauna, authentic Tharu culture along with a lot of adventures within the small place never fails to amaze you. Unlike the trending Chitwan National Park, Bardia National park is yet to commercialize. Thus its best to canoe down the river and venture into the forest will you enjoy the pace of Nature all by yourselves.


Bardia settles calmly between the border of Karnali river and Siwalik Hills in the. Babai river pen prates and  passes through the national park. This national park is specialized as “tiger conservation area”. In the outskirts of the park, the Tharu community lives. They have enriched the beauty of region with their own language, customs, and traditions.

The national park spreads over 968 square kilometers. It is a home to 642 species of animals, 125 species of fish and 407 species of bird. The protected area in the Bardia region has rare animals such as one-horned rhino, Bengal tigers, Gangetic dolphin, swamp deer, and wild elephant.

If you want to experience Bardia National Park in real, take atleast four to five days to enjoy the park. N 4 to 5 days, you with get enough opportunities to explore the national park in different ways.

Major Attractions of Bardia National Park Tour

Jungle Walk

Walking on your foot to explore the diverse wildlife, flora, and fauna on you own is the best thing you can do in a national park. A jungle walk is an thrilling and adventurous way of watching wildlife and birds close to your eyes. .

Walk through the forest canopy with an experienced guide who can spot wild animals in their natural habitat You will get to walk through the bush, climb view towers and rest your shanks in the river banks to wait for animals. You can either take half day or full day tour along the jungle.

Jeep Safari

With, Jeep safari you can go deep into the jungle which gives you opportunites of watching different flora and fauna. Instead of walking you will drive to the nearby habitats of the wildlife in a Jeep. And you can make the jeep stop at view towers and hot spots of animals.

You can customize the jeep safari- i.e combine half day with jungle walk, canoeing or boating.

Canoeing and Boating in the Rivers

Boating and canoeing in the major rivers passing through the national park is a fun activity. You can do the canoe or rafting in karnali, Geruwa or Babai river. The river are swift flowing, slow and calm with very little rapids.

You can also watch animals, reptiles, crocodiles, and alligators during the canoeing. And if you are lucky, you way also spot a Gangetic dolphin during this trip.


Bardia National Park homes 407 species of birds- including Bengal florican, white-rumped vulture, bar-headed geese e.t.c. Carry a binocular to get close view of birds perched on tree or flying.

February to April and September to November are the best months to watch birds.

Elephant Breeding Center

Elephant breeding center lies close to the border of the national park which houses domesticated elephants. You can have close up view of the giant animals walking in the

Crocodile Breeding Center and Tharu Museum

There’s a crocodile breeding center inside the headquarters of the national park where you can see the mugger crocodiles, alligators, and turtles giving birth.

Close to crocodile breeding center there is a is a Tharu museum that showcases the customs and rituals of Tharu people.

4 Days Itinerary of Bardia National Park Tour

Day 01: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then two hours drive to Bardia National Park

Day 02: Full Day Jungle Walk and animal spotting

Day 03: Jeep Safari, Canoe Ride and Tharu Cultural Show during evening

Day 04: Drive to Nepalgunj and then Return Flight to Kathmandu

Getting to Bardia National Park

55 minutes Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj Airport. From the Airport, Bradia is 2 hours drive

11 to 12 hours drive from Kathmandu to Bardia in a public or private bus which will cover around 580 kilometers.

Best Time for Bardia National Park Tour

You can visit Bardia  ime of the year- each season has its own uniqueness. The best season for is in- Bardia National Park is in fact autumn, winter and early summer.

Final Say,

To conclude, Bardia National Park Tour is a short, easy yet adventurous exploration into the wild of the Bardia region.

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